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"Experience the difference a licensed horticulturist can make to your lawn and garden."

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes has been providing sustainable and bio-friendly lawn and garden care services to New Orleans and surrounding area's since 2018. We use horticulture methods to manage outdoor spaces to deliver greener and healthier lawns and gardens. "We do lawn and garden maintenance the way it's suppose to be done." With fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional service, your satisfaction is our priority. 


Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes is a sustainable and bio-friendly lawn and garden maintenance and hardscape construction company. Our business core values are: conserve energy and water, improve air and water quality, sustain ecosystems, and provide aesthetic pleasure to the home owner.  In contrast to traditional companies that highlight only ornamental value or just cut the grass, we are driven by our objective to measure how design, plant selection, garden care and mower practices impacts climate to reduce greenhouse gases, lower temptures, capture carbon and flood waters to maximize a home's value.  Over time a sustainable yard will save time and money. 


Professional Services

Core Services by Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes

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Landscape Maintenance

 Sustainable and Bio-friendly lawn and garden maintenance. Expert service led by a licensed horticulturalist.


Eco-Efficient Outdoor Living

Environmentally-Conscious landscape design and installation.


Rain and Stormwater Interventions

Get rid of excess rain water and pooling water on your property with custom designed rain gardens and French drains.


Growing Plants

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