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About Us

Our Mission

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes is a bio-friendly company whose mission is committed to the practice of proper soil management to build and maintain sustainable and resilient landscapes and lawns that combat and mitigate climate change and flooding.

Who We Are

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes is New Orleans’ premier DBE certified sustainable and bio-friendly lawn and garden maintenance and hardscape company, providing evidence-based green infrastructure solutions to lawn and garden care and landscapes with a focus on soil health. Our core goals are to conserve water and energy, improve air and water quality, reduce flooding, sustain ecosystems, sequester carbon,  and provide aesthetically beautiful sites for land owners.

Our Process: The SMARTer Approach

Our process is our S.M.A.R.T.e.r. system of design and lawn care. We thrive on being the number 1 company for SMARTer environmental friendly lawn and garden care and hardscape builds.

Sustainability: Our focus is on working with customers to deliver high quality sustainable solutions using bio-friendly and eco-friendly methods.
Measurable Impact: We provide measurable impact to clients seeking to mitigate environmental challenges such as stormwater flooding and heat. 
Aesthetics: We work with customers to help vision the lawn and garden of their dreams and bring it to life.
Resilient: We maintain and design landscapes that are perfectly suited to our environment, allowing lawns and gardens to become more resilient in weathering the varied environmental challenges of our region.
Technologically Adept: We use state of the art technologies in equipment and products to deliver ecological and microbial balance in soil through lawn and garden maintenance.
Equitable: We strive to address environmental challenges and inequities by taking natural approaches that work in harmony with our environment. 
Restorative: We take a holistic approach to restore the ecological-microbial health balance of green spaces. 

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