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Residential Services

Providing Everything You Need for Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes believe lawn and garden care starts with biology. Therefore we practice regenerative lawn and garden care. We focus on regenerating topsoil, increasing biodiversity, enhance ecosystems, deepen resilience to climate fluctuations, and strengthen the vitality of your lawn and garden. We practice regenerative care by proper mowing practices that supports soil health, build systems that reduce soil compaction, and by testing soils biological function and either inoculating, feeding, or both to get your soil microbiology functioning at capacity thus improving the health and appearance of your lawn and garden. A sustainable lawn and garden program will save money and enhance the appearance of your home improving your home's value.


Landscape Maintenance

No gas, chemical or noise pollution from us!  We use only REEL mowers, battery powered mowers and equipment, and innovative products that are pet safe and environmentally friendly. We also street sweep curbs and collect grass clippings to reduce entry into street drains. Whether you just need lawn mowing or comprehensive lawn care, we deliver service that lessen impact on the environment, climate, safe for kids and pets, and reduce noise pollution.

Landscape Design and Install

We build attractive landscapes that are in balance with the local climate and require minimal fertilizer, time, or water.  We begin with a functional and attractive design that is unique to the specific home topography based on a careful review process. Our designs save the homeowner water expenses, are visually pleasing, resilient,  environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

Lanscap Maintenace
Landscape Install
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Rainwater and Energy Conservation Builds

Lower your flood insurance and increase your property value!!!!! Whether its removing concrete, building paver patios, walkways, driveways, or eliminate standing water around your home. Our job is simple: we build systems that lower your energy costs, get rid of water, and measures its benefits while leaving aesthetic pleasing area that boost your property value.

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