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Residential Services


Climate-Positive lawn and garden care means a holistic approach to lawn and garden care. Using horticulture methods, we focus on regenerating topsoil to increase biodiversity which deepens lawns and gardens resilience to climate fluctuations, and enhance nutrients to strengthen the vitality of landscapes. We practice regenerative care by proper mowing practices that supports soil health, build systems that reduce soil compaction, and by testing soils biological function and either inoculating, feeding, or both to get your soil microbiology functioning at capacity thus improving the health and appearance of your lawn, garden and landscapes.  A sustainable lawn and garden program will save money and enhance the appearance of your home improving your home's value.


Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn care methods restore the soil's biology where grass, air, and microorganisms support one another to deepen a lawn's resilience to climate fluctuations such as drought during summer months and strengthen the vitality of lawns to withstand disease and insects. Book your service plan today!!

Landscape Consultation 
and Install

We build attractive landscapes that are in balance with the local climate and requires minimal time and water. We begin with a functional and attractive design that's unique to the specific sites climate based on a careful review process. Our builds can sequester carbon, mitigate flooding, resilient, visually pleasing, and are maintainable.  Book your consultation with us now!!

Lawn Maintenace
Landscape Install
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Lawn, Garden, Small Trees, and Shrub Care

We use an Integrated Pest Management strategy (IPM) to combat disease, insects, and weeds that threaten your lawn, garden, small trees, and shrubs. Our IPM practice work to first prevent potential problems and if need be to eliminate the occurrence of disease, insects, and weeds in a way that is always safe for pets, kids, family and no negative impact on the environment. Book your Service Plan Today!!

Lawn Garden Care
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