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Residential Services

Providing Everything You Need for Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes is a bio-friendly and sustainable lawn, garden, landscape construction and maintenance company. Our business core values are: conserve water, improve air and water quality, sustain home ecosystems, and provide pleasure to the home owner.  In contrast to traditional companies that highlight only ornamental value or just cut the grass, we are driven by mindful choices of design, plant selection, garden and mower practices to maximize the home value.  Over time a sustainable yard will save time and money. 


Landscape Maintenance

No gas, chemical or noise pollution from us!  We use only battery powered equipment and innovative products that are pet safe and environmentally friendly. Whether you just need lawn mowing service that reduces harm to the environment, safe for children and pets, and reduce noise around the home.

Landscape Design and Install

We build attractive landscapes that are in balance with the local climate and require minimal fertilizer, time, or water.  We begin with a functional and attractive design that is unique to the specific homeowner based on a careful review process. Our designs save the homeowner water expenses, are visually pleasing, environmentally friendly and maintainable.

French Drain.jpg

Rain and Stormwater Interventions

Lower your flood insurance and increase your property value with rain gardens and French drains!  Weather its pater pooling in your driveway, backyard, side of home; our job is simple. We get rid of the water while leaving an aesthetic pleasing area that boosts your home's curb appeal.

Lanscap Maintenace
Landscape Install
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