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Winter Gardening Tips

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

As it gets colder, people are wondering whether it is still safe to plant in their flower gardens. The answer is yes. In Louisiana, our mild winters allow planting in flower gardens well into December. This is possible due to this area's late frost period.


According to the National Weather Service(NOAA), a temperature of 32 degrees(freeze point) and first frost does not mean the same thing. Frost happens when temperatures, winds, and sky cover create a consistent soil temperature of below 36 degrees. Until this happens, soil temperatures, are still warm enough to plant certain varieties of deciduous trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers. Not sure of your soil temperature, then use a soil thermometer. If soil is consistently 50 degrees or higher, it is safe to plant most kinds of deciduous trees and shrubs. But one should avoid planting evergreens, dogwoods, birches, and willow magnolias.

Also, because soil temperature affects the spread of nutrient reactions in the soil, colder temperatures slows nutrient reactions down. Therefore, flowers that do not need lots of water(nutrients) can be planted. Such plants as coneflower, lily of the valley, blue spruce, wintergreen boxwood, catmint, coral bells, and spring bulbs are good selections. 

After planting your trees, shrubs, or flowers, you will want to provide them with plenty of water and a thick layer of mulch before the ground freezes. If you need assistance with your flower garden or landscape construction idea, contact us: Flourish Horticulture and landscape.

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